Linux Command Line Basics

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Begin learning the Linux Command Line to start in IT or Cybersecurity!


Are you looking to begin a career in Information Technology, Cyber Security, or Systems Administration? If so, learning Linux is an essential step.

Linux is one of the most highly sought out skills by employers and there is an immediate need for people who have these skills in these career fields. In fact, the majority of all infrastructure running the world runs on Linux/Unix systems.

By gaining exposure and experience with the Ubuntu Linux command line, you’ll be giving yourself a competitive advantage in the job market.

In our basic Linux command line course, you’ll learn how to access and perform simple tasks in the command line, preparing you to pivot to more advanced usage of the Linux operating system later and demonstrating to potential employers that you are engaged in learning new things.

Not only will this course give you valuable hands-on experience with Linux, it will also help you prepare for industry-recognized certifications such as CompTIA Linux+, LPI Linux Essentials, and RedHat Certifications.

There is no better way to complement your academic studies with real-world experience and practice.

By learning Linux, you’ll also be setting the foundations for acquiring other skills, such as setting up ideal developer environments or pivoting into learning how to become an ethical hacker or cybersecurity analyst.

And by gaining experience with this operating system, you’ll be able to elevate your professional value and set yourself apart from other candidates who may lack a defined experience with Linux.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience that can help you succeed in a rewarding career in Information Technology, Cyber Security, or Systems Administration.

Sign up for our basic Linux command line course now and take the first step towards a successful career in this exciting and in-demand field.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to enter IT or Cybersecurity.
  • Anyone who wants to become a user of the Linux operating system.
  • Anyone who wants to earn Linux industry recognized certifications.
  • Anyone who wants hands on training in a lab environment to add to their experiences.
  • Anyone who is looking to add new skills to their resume.

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