Little Women: Red Flags In Laurie’s Proposal Part 1

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Laurie’s proposal to Jo deep analysis, what the movies are missing


I am joined by Melodie and she runs the “Little Women book club” on Facebook. We shall be dissecting Laurie ́s proposal to Jo and counting all the red flags there are and how the makers of the film seem to have a mutual agreement to erase all the disturbing things he says to her. We shall also be discussing Jo ́s similarity to Wendy in Peter Pan and how she wants to collect a flock of boys around her.

Melodie and I are also chatting about the stalkerish elements in Laurie’s behaviour and a lot of the things that wouldn’t necessarily go through if Little Women would be written today. We are also chatting about the fairytale elements in Jo and Laurie’s “love story”, him being rich and handsome and Jo being poor and not so great looking, but what about all the scenes in the book that never get adapted? like the things, he says during the proposal.

Little Women Podcast is an ongoing series of video essays, articles and podcast episodes that examines the intersections in Louisa May Alcott ́s Little Women.

Hosted by Alcott essayist Niina Pekantytär. Regular visits from literal scholars and Little Women fans.

Here ́s what listeners have said about the Little Women podcast: Melodie I love this podcast! The host knows more, digs deeper, and makes better connections than any other LMA/Little Women researcher I’ve seen. I would consider myself a big LMA/Little Women fan, and I’d say I know more about the two than the average person (or average fan even), but I always learn something new listening to this podcast. I’m the admin for “The Little Women Book Club” on Facebook, and our members all really love this podcast. If you’re an LMA/Little Women fan you will love it, too!

rotten Tiger

What a beautiful podcast! It’s so insightful and entertaining. It understands the characters perfectly (especially Laurie), I love it


As a long-time, die-hard Little Women fan, I LOVE this podcast! I stumbled upon it while doing research for a book series I was working on, and I am addicted! Niina is super knowledgeable in all things LW, from the book(s) to the movies and author Louisa May Alcott’s real life. I love that the discussions are based on the book and highlight the differences (sometimes controversial) between the original and newer adaptations. Highly recommended for anybody who loves getting lost in the world of Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March.


I love your Little Women content. Thank you for sharing all your studies and research! I read the book earlier this year for the first time and I fell in love with Jo and Fritz’s relationship. I’m so glad I binged listened to your podcast to further my love for them. It also kickstarted an obsession with LMA too, she’s such an interesting woman and moved around in so many circles. I can’t believe there are people that still don’t get Jo and Fritz. While reading I found it very obvious that Jo was falling for him even if Jo hadn’t realized it yet herself (I mean the girl didn’t shut up about his hands and how nice he is!). My heart melted at the moment when it says (rephrasing here:) ‘if Jo could’ve seen the Professor kissing the picture of her before going to bed, she would’ve known why he was visiting her hometown’ ? I see here Jo’s influence on Friedrich. Being with her and knowing her, encourages him to be more active, take initiative to things unknown, go find answers to his questions, try finding another job for bettering his nephew’s life.

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