Magick 100: The Models of Magick

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Learn to Apply the Different Models of Magickal Practice


Magick is a mysterious force that many have used to make changes in their lives, but how does it work? And why does it work? Some people believe that magick is just all in our heads, others believe that it means tapping into some mysterious energy force that we can use for change. Some believe the universe is like a computer we can program our desires into. Others think it comes from spirits, gods and goddesses that exist alongside us in this universe.

Each of these theories are correct in their own way, or depending on how you view your own magickal practice. Some practitioners prescribe to one model of magick, whereas others decide to choose several things from each model. To better your understanding of magick and your personal leanings, strengths and magnetism, it is important to understand these models of magick as they will undoubtedly benefit your practice.

There are 5 “models of magick” that attempt to explain how magick functions and makes changes in the universe when a magickal practitioner casts spells. Utilizing analogies, science, psychology, metaphysical understandings and philosophy, Dr. Nik G, Msc. D. will explain each of these models and how we can apply them to magickal practice and overall understanding of how things go from thought to manifestation.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in using magick to manifest their desires
  • Anyone wanting to learn more about how magick works

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