Marine Engineering Knowledge

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B Tech Marine Engineering Knowledge


Dreamers Package aims at covering the biggest loophole in our education system and that WORKING ON IMPROVING BASIC CONCEPTS. With Dreamers Package aiming at marine engineering knowledge, today thousands of students have understood the importance of WHY? They have understood the correct way of studying and most importantly this Package is helpful for students or engineers at any stage.

If you are any of the following: GME Aspirant, someone studying in GME College, a marine engineering student, someone about to join Ship, or someone who has sailed already, this package is worth it.

Proudly, we can say that some Third Engineers and Fourth Engineers have also bought this package to improve their basic concepts and I guess the only time to start learning is NOW, so start doing that.

After Dreamers Package, what next?
Well, Dreamers Package was a basic knowledge package. It aimed at building a basic FOUNDATION and now let us build a tall STRUCTURE on the strong foundation laid earlier by the Dreamers Package with the help of VISIONARY PACKAGE.

In the Visionary Package, you will have Tutorials by Chief Engineer Praneet Mehta on Ship, explaining each concept with WHY? Then he has gone further taking LIVE Engine room round and explaining each and every part in detail. He has not stopped there and wherever he felt the need, he has added ANIMATED videos for better understanding.

Dreamers Package was the THEORY, which is the first basic step to learning. Now Visionary Package is one step ahead adding VISUALS to make it a better experience for students who want to learn and grow.

We hope that Engine Room rounds, tutorials on Ship, and Animated videos will just give a different feel to students who are eager to learn and they will surely do so much better in College and on Ship.

Who this course is for:

  • GME Aspirants , Btech Marine Engineering Students , Junior Engineers , 4th Engineer , 3rd Engineer and 2nd Engineer.

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