Marine SRC Course Prep.

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Marine VHF for SRC


This course has been designed to prepare you in advance of your attending a Marine VHF Short Range Certification (SRC) course. The Workbook Prep. includes 5 Chapters each specific to the content of the course itself, and is presented via a pre-recorded video by a qualified Facilitator utilising a powerpoint presentation for discussion purposes. In these lessons you will receive step by step guidance related to the course modules. You can download each chapter in the applicable resources section in order to enable you to follow through with the presentation and make notes for further study and reference purposes as deemed necessary. The Marine VHF SRC certification is the minimum qualification required to operate marine VHF radio equipment on a vessel operating outside of a fixed distance from the coastline. NOTE: Please consult with your local Marine Regulator to identify if you need to be in possession of this Certification, based on your operating criteria, for sea going purposes. The Marine SRC includes both fixed and handheld equipment, with and without Digital Selective Calling (DSC). The certification is obtained by successfully completing an SRC exam, (both Theory and Practical), conducted at an Approved Training Centre. Enjoy this specially developed Marine VHF SRC Workbook Prep. BONUS: A powerpoint presentation depicting sample Radio Telephony (RT) procedures, with related audio descriptors for each, has been included at the end of this course prep. to assist you with practising, and perfecting your RT transmissions.

Who this course is for:

  • Those people wishing to obtain their Marine Short Range Certification

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