Market Structure Forex Trading Strategy

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Institutional Trading Strategy


Our objective is to make you learn the behavior, principle & factor behind the mechanical production of the order flow caused by the market makers and extract profit from the candle stick structural pattern created by this orderflow or large orders.

This course offers a mechanical framework to trading Currency, Cryptocurrency, Synthetics, Stocks, Indices, Commodity with Market turning point forecast Strategies using Structural zones, Swing zones.

Market makers put large order where order is exchanging hands between buyers and sellers, These large orders creates institutional order flow which creates structural pattern. You will learn how to identify structural patterns that are mechanical. This course also teaches how to build trade ideas around mechanical price levels

From the actual mechanics of the market, as in what is actually behind the the production and the interaction of that order flow that then generates the market Structure, this course will teach you the concept of Internal structure, Swing structure, Change of Character, Premium and Discount pricing, strong price level and weak price level for entry and risk management and Multi-time Frame story board creation.

You also be able to differentiate between fake market structure and real market structure. This course also teaches you how to read and interpret price, identify market structure that will give fake entry signal

Who this course is for:

  • Forex Traders
  • Stock Traders
  • Crypto Traders
  • Indices Traders
  • Synthetics Traders
  • Commodity Traders

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