Mastering Motor Control Circuit

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Lear from basics to master level, Learn tweleve different control, with simultions


Dear All,

Welcome to the course of understanding schematics of “Motor Control Circuits”. This course covers from very basic concept of drawings / schematics. Training start with explaining the devices used in schematics, auxiliary relay, contactor, timer, etc. It is ensured that anyone with minimum to no experience in schematics learning can learn and master the skill.

Trainer have over 18 years of field experience and has worked at 11/132/220/500kV Substation, 1263MW power plant, 660kV HVDC system. worked with several companies, SIEMENS, ABB, GE, SEC, KE, WAPDA, NTDC, ARAMCO, SABIC, MARAFIQ. Trainer has given hundreds of trainings online and offline, so it will be great to join this training and take advantage of field experience.

Topics covered in this training are as follows,

Understand basics of Schematics

Auxiliary Relays

NO & NC Contact of Relays


Power & Aux contacts of contactors

Difference between Contactor & Aux Relays

Simulation of Aux & Contactor

Early Make, Late Break Contacts

Break Before Make & Make Before Break Contacts

Timer , On Delay & Off Delay

MCB and Its function

Status of different components on drawing

Understand Seal In / Latching / holding contact

Simulate the Seal In contact

Direct Online Starter circuit

Adding start & stop indication to motor circuit

Motor direction control circuit

Motor & Power Control terminologies

Benefits of using Aux relay, contactors

Contact bouncing & its effect on motor & how to avoid it

AC Supply change over manual control circuit

AC Supply change over automatic control with priority to Grid / Generator

Star Delta Starter Circuit

Dahlander Motor Connection

Sequential Motor switching

Speed control of two winding motor

Best Regards

Who this course is for:

  • Technicians, engineers, students

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