Mastering Odoo 16 EE Accounting (AR)

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كورس المحاسبة علي اودوو 16


شرح كل ما يتعلق بالمحاسبة علي اودوو 16 نسخة الانتربرايس
وكذلك ما يتعلق بالتكاليف وحسابات المخزون

Accounting is the most vital and important part of any business. Its management can make a direct impact on the profit of the company and at the same time reduce losses. Managing the accounts of a company is not an easy process when done manually. The risks of error will have an influence on the overall performance of the business.

The best open source ERP, Odoo ERP is the very best choice when it comes to managing to accounting. With its advanced features and user-friendly tools, accounting can be managed effectively and efficiently.

Thanks to the close operation of the Odoo system and its modules, Odoo accounting automates and optimizes various accounting processes. For example, when creating an invoice from the customer order, the system automatically fills in the required fields with the information known to it, applying the necessary accounting records and taxes, and with a predefined e-mail template, allows you to send the invoice to the customer. The module also allows customers to create automatic reminders about invoice payments, automatically create journal entries and register bank payments.

Course outline:
1- Accounting overview

-Accounting cycle
-Chart of accounts
2- Journals
3- Customer invoices
4- Vendor bills
5- Credit notes
6- Payments
7- Petty cash
8- Journal entries
9- Taxes and tax groups
10- Tax Report
11- Discounts
– Gross method
– Net method
12- Product categories

13- Inventory Valuation
14- Costing methods
– Standard price
– Average cost
15- Asset models
16- Assets
17- Assets sell or dispose
18- Assets Re-valuate
19- Assets from vendor bill
20- Automated assets
21- Deferred Expenses and Deferred Revenues
22- Reconciliation and reconciliation models
23- Analytic account and analytic plans
24- Financial Statements

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner accountant
  • Beginner odoo implementers
  • Mid-level odoo consultants

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