Mastering OpenAI APIs: Building End-to-End Systems | Arabic

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Learn OpenAI APIs (ChatGPT, DALL-E, Whisper), The new technology these days in AI field by building end-to-end systems.


Welcome to this course…

This course is (Mastering OpenAI APIs: Building End-to-End Systems) in Arabic by Eng/Mohammed Agoor.

In this course, we are going on a journey to discover all OpenAI APIs and how to get the best benefit from them.

OpenAI is an American artificial intelligence research laboratory. It has a lot of trained models and we can access them only via Key Token, with no training, no transfer learning, no fine-tuning, and without running on our machines. We just use this key token and then we are able to use these models by sending a request and getting the response (via APIs).

What we learn here is a lot, We will start by discussing the OpenAI platform, discovering Models, use different available APIs, and then we will dive together into building end-to-end Systems.

You will master the following:

1. Create an OpenAI account, and get familiar with the platform.

2. Discover OpenAI Models, discussing each model alone.

3. Diving deep into AI Models, What does each model do?

4. How to get your API keys, monitor your usage, set up your billing, and more.

5. Text Completion API in code, and how to use it.

6. Chat Completion API in code, and how to use it.

7. Mastering the idea of system prompt and user prompt

8. Discovering different message roles in Chat Completion API.

9. What is the difference between system, user, and assistant roles.

10. The tokens and how to get them using tokenizer or tiktoken library.

11. The pricing for each API in the OpenAI platform, and how to calculate and monitor your usage.

12. In detail, The parameters of Chat Completion API, and how to customize your request for your needs.

13. Prompt Engineering for Chat Completion API, and how to set up your personalization requests.

14. Image Generation API using DALL-E

15. How to combine Chat Completion with DALL-E APIs for refining the prompt and boosting the performance.

16. Voice Transcription API using Whisper for different languages and also for Translation.


17. Sentiment Analysis system from scratch up to deployment using FastAPI.

18. ChatBot end-to-end system with memory from scratch up to deployment using FastAPI.

19. Text to Image Generation API using Dall-E and deployment using FastAPI.

20. Meals Plan System using both Chat Completion and DALL-E APIs and deployment using FastAPI.

21. Youtube Summary system from scratch using whisper and Chat Completion API and deployment using FastAPI.

22. Embedding and how to apply it in semantic search.

23. More topics will be added to this course continuously.


** Please, use this course for only educational purposes. The course is made by Eng/Mohammed Agoor.

** Contact me any time via any of my contacts **

Who this course is for:

  • Software Engineers
  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • AI Engineers
  • Statisticians
  • Data Scientists
  • Students and anyone with interest in new technologies

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