Matlab for scientists: a beginners course

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An application-based course designed for people in research.


This Matlab course will help you to get started in your career as a student, researcher or scientist working with Matlab. Whether you need to pass an exam or apply data analysis on behavioral or physiological data, this course is definitely made for you. You will master the basics of Matlab in no time. You will be able to automate repetetive tasks and visualize your data in less than two hours. Very concise videos make it possible.

To introduce myself: I am a researcher myself (PhD student in sleep research, nice to meet you), who has worked and taught Matlab for more than 3 years now. I have realized how important it is to master Matlab to analyse your data yourself. Especially as a person completely new to programming, learning Matlab can be a quite exhausting experience. In this course, however, you will learn from application-based material, which is both concise and fun. I created this online course so that your Matlab journey is both as smooth and delightful as possible.

So have a nice trip, let me guide you through Matlab wonderland and enjoy the ride!

P.S.: This course will be continously improved with the feedback you give. I’m sure I can still learn a lot in respect to producing high-quality videos. As your enrollment guarantees access for all your life, you will benefit from it yourself, as well.

Who this course is for:

  • Students, PhD students, scientists and researchers who have no or very little knowledge about Matlab and only a very basic understanding of programming itself.
  • Students, PhD students, scientists and researchers in need to analyze quantitative data.
  • Students, PhD students, scientists and researchers who attend real life courses and need supplement for e.g. passing an exam.

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