Meeting Salvadoran Personalities.

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learning English with salvadoran topics.making appointments,Biographies, personal goals and grammatical tenses


In this course you are going to see the following interesting and helpful topics.

You will learn “expressions to make appointments”, also you are going to know the “commonly used questions for personal interviews”.

With the topic “biographies of salvadoran personalities” you will know the information about important personalities of El Salvador, another topic is “personal goals” where we are going to present you the vocabulary to be able to talk about this topic with your friends, also you are going to learn grammar when you have finished the topic “use of used to” you will be able to make conversations about it and finishing with the topic “simple past and past continuos” you will learn the rules and you will be able to speaks with sentenses in past and past continuos.

Who this course is for:

  • High school students from El Salvador or any other country that would like learn about El Salvador.
  • everybody that wants to learn about salvadoran personalities or how to use “to”.
  • basic and intermediate english students

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