The Mindset Reset Toolkit

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A revolutionary new way to change your mindset today


This mini-course will help you to change your thinking and improve your life. You’ll learn how to reframe your thoughts from those of a fixed mindset to those of a growth mindset. This shift in thinking can lead to improved behaviours and emotions, and help you to achieve your goals. The course includes a workbook of exercises, thought journal template, audio guided visualisation and list of affirmations.

It is designed to help you understand how your thoughts control your behaviours and emotions. After completing this mini-course, you will be able to identify your cognitive distortions and reframe them to their more positive ‘alternative thoughts’. You will also learn how to create a daily thought journal to actively challenge your daily cognitive distortions and change future thought processes. As a result, you will notice a difference in your behaviours and emotions. You will be more confident, motivated and energetic!

The Mindset Reset Toolkit is for people who are stuck in a life rut and struggling to get out. It is perfect for those who know that they could improve their life if they only had the right circumstances and opportunities offered to them. The Mindset Reset Toolkit will help you see your own potential, talents, and abilities so that you can make the most of your life.

Who this course is for:

  • You feel you’re not good enough, comparing yourself to others and feeling like you never measure up? Maybe you feel like you’re stuck in a job you hate, doing things you don’t enjoy, and that you’ll never escape. Feeling like you’re not doing anything with your life, like you’re just going through the motions, day after day, and that you’re not really… living? Feel like you’re missing out on what life has to offer? You need to get out of that fixed mindset and start seeing the possibilities that are around you.

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