Mockplus RP – Website Design From Scratch

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From idea to flowcharts, wireframes, design, prototyping to handoff


Mockplus RP is an UX/UI design, prototyping and collaboration tool which is free to get started and it works completely in a browser. You can plan, design, prototype, share and collaborate all within one tool and when combined with Mockplus Cloud, you can share your designs for handoff or detailed commenting and collaboration features.

In this course we will cover the full workflow and create a website design from scratch. We will start with the project breakdown, create flowcharts, wireframes, design and add interactions to make it more dynamic.

Hey designer, my name is Alex and in this course we will cover:

  • What is Mockplus RP
  • Course Project Breakdown
  • Working with flowcharts
  • Creating wireframes of any fidelity
  • Turning wireframes into designs
  • Adding interactions to bring designs to life
  • Previewing, sharing and Mockplus Cloud
  • Collaboration and versioning features

This course is designed to speed up your design process and show you some more advanced Mockplus RP features. By the end of the course you will be able to plan, design, prototype, share and handoff a project of any complexity from scratch. To learn how to use Mockplus RP or design using its pre-made templates, please see my other free Mockplus RP courses.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Have a creative day.


Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who are just starting out with UX/UI design
  • Mid level designers who didn’t learn the fundamentals and want to perfect their craft
  • Designers interested in getting started with Mockplus RP
  • Designers interested in Figma, Sketch or Adobe Xd alternatives
  • Graphic designers looking into changing career.
  • Anybody interested in learning UX/UI design and Mockplus RP

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