Next.js & React – Build a Full Stack Application In Arabic

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Learn NextJS from zero knowledge to build fullstack ReactJS apps with the NextJS framework!


Join to NextJS and learn how to build highly dynamic, super fast and SEO-ready React apps with React & NextJS!

This course is a complete introduction to NextJS I’m super excited to share this course on NextJS with you – about an amazing React framework that allows you to take the next step as a React developer and build real, production-ready projects with React and NextJS!

NextJS is the production-ready, fullstack-capable framework for ReactJS – the most popular JavaScript library you can learn these days!

NextJS is a great choice for growing as a React developer and for taking your React apps to the next level!

Because NextJS is growing fast and therefore in high demand. And there are good reasons for that: NextJS allows you to build React apps with built-in server-side rendering and page pre-rendering. Building great user experiences and search engine friendly (SEO!) React apps has never been easier!

In addition, NextJS makes building fullstack React apps (frontend + backend code combined in one project) extremely easy as well! Blend client-side and server-side code and build a NodeJS-based API side-by-side with your frontend React apps. It’s a breeze with NextJS!

In detail, this course will cover:

  • What is the difference between framework and library
  • What is NextJS? And why would you use it?
  • Working with file-based routing
  • Adding dynamic routes and catch-all routes
  • Implementing different forms of page pre-rendering and server-side rendering
  • Working with data and adding data fetching + pre-fetching to your apps
  • Pre-generating dynamic and static pages
  • Adding optimizations like metadata to pages
  • Optimizing images with the NextJS Image component
  • Building fullstack apps with API routes
  • What is SEO in detail
  • What is Database,Schema and how to implement this in NextJS Project
  • Introduction to MongoDB and how to create your cluster
  • And much more!

Who this course is for:

  • React developers who want to take the next step and build Full Stack React apps using NextJS
  • React developers who want to build Their application with modern technologies
  • Web developers in general, who want to work with one of the most popular framework in web development

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