Node-js behind the scene [Arabic]

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Learn Node-js advanced topics ,Increase your app performance and crack your next node-js interview


learning basics of node-js is greate but learning node internal structure and mastering event loop is much more better.

what we will cover ?

  1. Node Internal structure :
    • Life cycle on nodejs
    • C++ side of nodejs
    • Binding between c++ and js inside nodejs
  2. Master Event Loop:
    • what’s event loop tick ?
    • when event loop is start working?
    • we will implement event loop to understand loop behavior instead of diagrams.
  3. Is node a single thread?
    • verify to your interviewer that node is’t a single threaded by writing code and benchmark it.
  4. Libuv Delegation:
    • what’s is the purpose of libuv?.
    • how libuv increase nodejs performance?.
    • increasing libuv thread pool size and benchmark our code.
    • thread pool with multi threading.
  5. OS Delegation:
    • what’s os Delegation?
    • when node and libuv decide to delegate this function to OS?
  6. Complex Nodejs Interview Question
    • you will be trained how to solve complex problem and how your threads is distributed among your machine cores
  7. What’s event loop blocking?
    • we will write code to block our event loop and measure how this blocking impact our performance.
    • we will learn how clustering and worker thread will help us to decrease the impact of the blocking.
  8. What ‘s Node cluster Mode ?
    • we will learn how to run our program in cluster mode.
    • we will use pm2 for cluster managing.
    • How cluster mode solve our event loop blocking?.
  9. what’s worker threads ?
    • we will learn how to use worker thread.
    • How worker thread solve our event loop blocking?.

Who this course is for:

  • Any one who want to master Node-js
  • Any one who want to pass any Node-js interview

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