Non Conventional Sources of Energy

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Renewable Source of Energy


The said course is a part of syllabus of Final year Mechanical Engineering students of the subject Energy Engineering with unit number V.

Unit-5 comprises of total 9 video lectures and resource files.

Already uploaded previous four units on Udemy platform under Free Pricing.

Unit-5 comprises of topic Non conventional sources of energy or (NCPP)

This is theoretical topic. I have tried my level best to compress the sub topics in view of write up in exam. and also considering the questions asked in the university exams. It will be definitely helpful as all material with optimum write up is available at one platform and will definitely reduce time for preparation of the said course / topic NCPP.

In the topic course objectives are :

  1. To study the Solar energy concepts , components, applications etc.
  2. To study the working and types of Solar Power Plant.
  3. To understand the energy release from Geotherm and their working and types.
  4. To study the importance of Wind energy , their components, types, merits and demerits.
  5. To get the basic ideas of Tidal energy and their conversion into electrical energy with various methods
  6. To have the basic fundamentals of OTEC , MHD plants, their types etc.
  7. To know the importance of Fuel cells in upcoming days
  8. To focus on the constraints of commercialization of Renewable Sources of energy
  9. To get the idea about environmental impacts of Non Conventional Energy sources if any.

After studying the course , the learner will

  1. Understand the Solar energy concepts , components, applications etc.
  2. Workout on types and methodology of solar energy.
  3. Learn the concept of Energy conversion from Geothermal, OTEC, MHD plants.
  4. Get idea about Wind energy and types of WECs in actual practical applications and hurdles in their installations etc.
  5. The importance of Tidal Power plants as base load plants in view of their certainty.
  6. Get valuable information regarding use of Fuel cells in Vehicles and strong alternate to conventional fuels.
  7. Realize the major hurdles in commercialization of Renewable Sources of energy
  8. Know that Renewable sources of energy have also some environmental impacts .

Who this course is for:

  • Mechanical Engineering Final Year Students
  • Mechanical Engineers

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