Occupational Safety and Health Tool Box Talks

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Short 15 to 30 minutes videos for you or your team to use during toolbox talks.


Short 15 to 30 minutes videos for you or your team to use during toolbox talks, or if you would like to provide yourself with a platform for continuous development to broaden your skills as a safety professional, new videos added every month.

Toolbox talk are a great way to reinforce safety basics, focus on high-risk scenarios and to inform workers about changes to the jobsite and working conditions that may have occurred since their last shift. Be sure to discuss cover any accidents or injuries that have occurred and how they could have been prevented.

Throughout these videos you will learn and be reminded of some critical basic Health and Safety Principles, like:

  1. Understanding the Occupational Health and Safety Act (No. 85 of 1993)
  2. Personal protective equipment and training
  3. Hazard identification and risk assessments
  4. Manage work at elevated positions
  5. Terminology used in incident investigation
  6. How to know read and understand each dangerous goods material safety data sheet
  7. Describe the requirements to apply a confined space entry

Please note that before a learner proceeds on this learning programme, he/she should meet the following requirements as per

the relevant unit standard (please refer next page):

Communication at NQF Level 3

Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 3

Unit Standard: Provide risk based primary emergency care/ first aid in the work place: SAQA ID 120496

Unit Standard: Respond to, implement and manage emergencies according to an emergency action plan in a workplace: SAQA ID

– 120329

Unit Standard: Demonstrate knowledge pertaining to fires in working places; SAQ ID 120331

Who this course is for:

  • Learners looking to learn how to describe the requirements for workplace safety, health and environment incident investigation.

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