Parts of Speech

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The Foundation of Good Grammar


Just as any magnificent building needs to be built on a sturdy foundation, so does magnificent learning. The foundations of good grammar and an expansive vocabulary require understanding how words work and the categories to which they belong. Whether you speak more than one language or only English, strengthening your understanding of the parts of speech in English allows you to build your own sturdy foundation for improving both your grammar and vocabulary.

When learning grammar, it is best to find a balance between strict adherence to the rules and using the language to freely communicate your information and ideas. Worrying too much about the rules can make your speech and writing formal and dry. Whereas, not worrying about the rules at all can make your communication difficult to follow and confusing. This course strives to explain the most important concepts and rules required for good communication, yet it aims to avoid overly explaining rules that can be less important or confusing.

Parts of Speech the Foundation of Good Grammar covers the eight parts of speech and explains what is important to know about each in order to improve your grammar and communicate clearly and concisely. It then covers some practical applications to help you use your new knowledge to improve your English and your learning.

Knowledge is power. Don’t wait any longer to obtain this powerful knowledge!

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to improve their grammar and don’t already know what the 8 parts of speech are and why they are beneficial to know.
  • High school, college, and university students who want to improve their writing, ages 12+
  • Tutors, teachers, and homeschooling parents who want to help their students improve their grammar through explicit instruction

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