Phishing Attacks & Defense

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Learn how to defend against one of the most prevalent and dangerous forms of cyber attacks today


Phishing is one of the most prevalent and dangerous forms of cyber attacks today. It impacts individuals and organizations all over the world, and even some of the most widely publicized (and damaging) data breaches / ransomware infections all started with a successful phishing attack.

Given the massive role that phishing has had in recent (and historical) high profile cyberattacks it would be reasonable to conclude that its “days are numbered”. Unfortunately, the opposite appears to be true with phishing attacks continuing to grow in number and sophistication every day.

This course will help you understand exactly what phishing is (and where it all started), how phishing works (through live hacking demonstrations), and how to defend against it (using a new “low-tech” approach you’ve likely never seen before)!

No advanced technical knowledge is required, and if you’ve ever sent or received an email before you’re ready to take the course!

No matter who you are, learning to defend against phishing attacks is one of the smartest investments you can possibly make when it comes to cyber self-defense, and the skills you learn in this course are likely to serve you well into the future.

If you’re and employer, providing this training to employees serves as a “win-win” as the skills they learn in this course can easily be applied to their personal lives as well as their professional ones.

To summarize, there has never been a better time to develop the skills needed to recognize and defend against phishing attacks, and this concise and engaging course was created to help you do just that!

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone from families, students, senior adults, business professionals, and even IT / Cyber professionals will gain something valuable from this course
  • This course is also an excellent option for employers looking to provide cybersecurity awareness training to staff

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