Plan Your Next Year With Me!

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Plan Your Next Year With Me by Reviewing, Analyzing, Setting, and Managing your goals for the next year!


December rolls in and we start to get under the burden of not having accomplished most of the goals that we created at the start of the year and the overwhelm by what the next year will look like. Watch the Course and Grab Your Copy of the Workbook to explore in depth what your next year should look like!

Here’s what this course will cover –

A quick introduction to the topic

The importance of Reviewing your year,

How to create enough data to super-charge and make reviewing easy for the next year, (Templates available in the workbook if you don’t have a personal journal),

Importance of setting Mindset,

Why you need to start working on your mindset and limiting beliefs from December for the next year,

How to find Energetic Goals that you align with (Check Workbook for multiple goals in different areas of life),

Visualization Exercise to make this section of the course easier,

Time management – Where are you choosing to spend your time in the coming year,

Setting Realistic Goals,

Setting Goals for the Future,

Importance of Accountability and finding accountability partners!

A quick thanks for watching along till the end!

This is an evergreen course that you can utilize and check out every December to enter the next year with peace, calm, motivation, and positivity. Are you coming?

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Multipassionate people
  • Ambitious People
  • Goal Setters
  • Coaches
  • Individuals with big dreams
  • People who are excited by growth and evolution!

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