Portfolio Creation Master Class With A Cases Study. (TM)

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(Real Life Case Study and Experience Method)


About This Master Class:

This course will cover mainly about portfolio and it’s making process. This is all what a designer needs when he wants to project his work, let it be documentation of his work let it be showcasing of his work presenting to some customers clients or design interviews this is the prime required document. That is why I took 17 iterations to make my final portfolio and I’m still virgin I’m going to teach you what are all the learnings in this 20 different iterations of portfolio what I did for making this as good.

Learning by doing and learning by action.

Benefits of the Master Class:

  1. Basic way in which how to structure your portfolio in terms of projects skill sets and about you, because based on writing about yourself only will clarify what kind of a put for you you know whether you need a document are you just need a webpage are you need a website you need a online page like Beyonce et cetera to showcase every thing comes from what you write about design and what you want to project.
  2. Many elements of portfolio such as cover page making final and page making project list organising of projects in your own style et cetera has been discussed in detail
  3. When it comes to portfolio there are different type of projects like research based, DATA based, visualisation based, skill based, so a designer or creative persons should know how to document different type of works based on the information what he got.
  4. Analysing the study of various graphic design aspect from space management, grid alignment, choosing of typefaces, choosing of colours and creating characters along with that learning certain laws like
    1. Gestalt law of psychology,
    2. Heuristics principles of Jakob Nielsen.
  5. Making your own design statements is the expression of your unique design. So that you will differ from all the people who are fighting for design jobs.
  6. There are three different types of viewers;
    1. Fast based glance users – spend 10 seconds in page and 2 mins on overall portfolio.
    2. Only important info scanners – spend few mins but retires only important and useful info which is popping in their eyes
    3. Detailed users who read each and every detail in the document to get as much information as possible in a very short span of time.
  7. If your project has too much pictures how to balance it out with text and other stats, vice versa
  8. Portfolio making is like a puzzle and sometimes you need to fit the pieces correctly in order to get the maximum beauty which makes it perfect

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to create world class portfolio
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to get world class projects

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