Python, a simple, FREE 2023 guide to learning with problems!

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Gain a deeper understanding of the powerful language, Python!


This course is free because I love free and I know you do too! It is a course I have posted on YouTube and I will make it free for all Udemy users as well, so please take advantage of this by signing up right now! If you do not end up liking the course, you do not have to worry about refunds, so you really have nothing to lose 🙂

Are you new to Python? Are you a little nervous about solving problems on your own? Maybe you need more practice? I hope this tutorial serves you well in your mission to learn Python and also expand your problem-solving abilities. I chose some fun problems to start us off, and I hope you enjoy them! These problems are meant to be straightforward, just like something you would see on an AP Computer Science A Exam, but in Python! If you give it a try, and you are having trouble, that is perfectly alright! Everyone has trouble when they first learn something as it is part of the process. My goal is to make sure that you climb out of that part of the process without fear, but with the confidence to say “Hey, I can actually do this!” I love Udemy because it enables a community of learners to come together and just learn and teach! So I implore you to please reach out, and I will respond at my earliest!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for EVERYONE! And what’s better, it’s free! So why not give it a try!

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