Renaissance and Baroque Aesthetics Master Class TM

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With Real Time Case Study and Case Method


About the Master Class:

This course will cover mainly about difference in Renaissance and baroque moment. Starting from their architecture paintings culture movement mannerism et cetera. Also currently how that moment is influencing our designs and lifestyle in a different way. This opens up a new perspective in which the designer has to start seeing things around them to express certain sorts of different expression in the aesthetic language such as Rasas, Dhosas etc.

Design philosophy:

As I used to say in my design courses, that design cannot be learned in the rot learning or Text book way of learning that you do through a chapter wise and remember some formulas that will yield you some solutions. Design is unique and when different people approach the same problems we will get different solutions based on the inputs that designer works on.

So design can be approached in the way of learning through the case studies and by doing action on your own to learn yourself.

Learning by doing and learning by action.

Benefits of Renaissance and Baroque – Aesthetics Case Study

  1. Aesthetic’s theory is discussed in detail about the famous philosophers Bharatha muni about the natya sastra, rasas, dosas etc
  2. How a different movements like renaissance and baroque has been studied and broken down for its aestheticā€™s.
  3. How a designer should open up his perspective to view different expressions of aesthetics from age-old 14th century and 16th century and current trend.
  4. In order to understand the architectural differences the paintings and sculpture differences the mannerism and the colour schemes in which the people have used and expressed their art and creative skills, we have experimented about Renaissance and baroque about their differences which existed from 14th century to 17th century.
  5. How those kind of expression like diagonal elements weird angle perspectives raw colours and depiction of pictures and nudity is a new style for baroque, where is it is very composed neatly placed symmetrical balance is the biggest basic principles of Renissance.
  6. A very contrasting differences between a dynamic and a composed period has been seen in detail to get around aesthetic’s understanding towards expressing certain things.
  7. When it comes to aesthetic expression of rasas towards different products is sometimes not felt by the designers to deciphers its beauty and find the elements in which it gives that beautiful expression. These kind of study will definitely go through you and create a awareness among the young designers who has not tasted the classical aesthetic in fields of architecture, sculptures, paintings , product etc.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn about Renaissance and Baroque Aesthetics
  • Anyone who wants to learn and understand the design of Renaissance and Baroque Aesthetics

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