Research Methodology for New Design TM

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Awareness of Sexual Education With Case Study


About the Master Calss:

This course teaches about how to do a design research methodology effectively irrespective of your problems. Many nuances and techniques which are easily applicable for your research methodology when it comes to extraction of data which is primary research, secondary research or any other question research if you are doing these techniques are largely helpful. IDEO methods have been really used so that people can easily understand how to ask questions, how to observe and how to speak and gather information using these IDEO techniques people can directly apply to the research principles in order to make it very qualitative and quantitative.

Benefits of the Master Class:

  1. This course talks about how to improve the research methodology skills which is needed for doing primary secondary and tertiary research being a designer.
  2. IDEO methods have been largely used so that their case studies and learning could be easily transferred for our design projects which is ask speak listen observe.
  3. When it comes to topic like sexual education people don’t give you direct answers so this course teaches about how to even answer how to even ask that kind of a topic to common public in order to get effective answers needed for your research.
  4. When it comes to topic like this even related to death sexual education and very social stigma topics how do you ask people and make a very conversation so that you will have a very good information needed for your research this is largely explained with practical examples pertaining to this project in detail.
  5. Students can learn about how to do a field study, how to extract information and how to document it properly with the form of design thinking process along with the team.
  6. Also when you are strong in research it will lead to a proper design process and completion of the project. Sometimes a wrong research methodology and the data can make the project go into waste, and subsequently even it can make it a great success if the data is good.
  7. Discussed about what is qualitative research and quantitative research and how it can be used for waiting and of approaches for your project based on the context of what you are researching.
  8. Team working mind mapping and then finally ideating to work on different solutions and coming up with a final prototype.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn about Research Methodology for New Design

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