ROBLOX Game Development: UI Essentials in ROBLOX Studio Lua

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Learn the basics of UI on ROBLOX so that your player has great experience in your games! Grow your UI skills through UI


You’re looking to make your first game, but yet you’ve started working on it and it feels empty and boring… right?

Well, the boringness of a Roblox game can be explained by the User Interface shown to the player,

and the fact that you’re here proves that you’re looking to make a great ROBLOX Game.

Having GREAT User Experience is key to making some good robux.

You have to make your game look sleek & easy in order to drive up player engagement, which would give you more robux in return.

In this course we’ll see multiple aspects of ROBLOX Game Development, from UI Essentials to the ROBLOX LUA you’ll need.

The only thing needed is a base understanding of ROBLOX Lua programming language.

In the course I’ll assume that you know the basics of ROBLOX Lua programming, and so I will show you new things aswell as more advanced methods (such as TweenService and the ModuleScript) in a simple but yet effective way.

Together we’re gonna see:

  • UI Essentials Theory
  • Menus, Buttons & Currency Displaying
  • Creating and playing UI Animations easily
  • Custom Health & XP Bars
  • Managing Buttons on the Server
  • Simple usage of the ModuleScript

When you’re ready, enroll now and let’s work on upgrading your ROBLOX game’s look.

Who this course is for:

  • ROBLOX Developers looking to make Robux through Monetized User interfaces
  • Beginner ROBLOX Developers looking to make good User Experience

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