Salary Negotiation Masterclass by Top HeadHunter

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Salary negotiation is the most important negotiation of your life. Get an edge with this course


Negotiation is a core skill everyone needs. In fact, most people have good negotiation skills, as almost everyone has joined in the banter of a bazaar or market and bartered on the price of a trinket. The session usually includes theatrics such as the famous walk away, only to return and buy if the merchant drops their price. Funnily, the most seasoned executives I have worked with often throw their skill sets out the window when negotiating their own salary, but otherwise, they are master negotiators.
Why this happens I am not sure, but one fact of the situation is that emotions are high, and the tension is palpable when it is your annual salary that is on the deal table. Another factor is fear, as the reality is a few wrong moves, and you can blow the deal causing the employer to rescind the offer and leave the negotiation. Perhaps this is why people abandon their innate negotiation skills. Whatever the reason, this is one skill you need to practice and work on, as even the smallest improvement in this area will net you tens of thousands of dollars a year.

This is one of the only negotiation courses focused on techniques to negotiate your salary. I have also added five mock salary negotiations to show you how to use the techniques as with these tactics, timing and style are everything. The key to getting good at negotiating your salary is to study the techniques and then go to companies you don’t want to work for and practice negotiating with them.

Getting multiple offers is a key axiom of our career management program and is tantamount to you developing your negotiation skills. Top performers often make the mistake of going to their dream company and then negotiating their salary on raw talent. This may suffice but it is not optimal and invariably they are leaving money on the table. I would suggest always negotiating and using at least a few of the techniques I teach in this course.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants get better at Negotiation

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