Six Sigma White Belt Certificate

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Start your Lean Six Sigma Career and receive your White Belt Certificate with this course


Are you interested in Lean Six Sigma but don’t know how to start? Then you are at the right place here. This course is your first step into a promising future as Lean Six Sigma expert.

It provides a fundamental introduction and teaches you:

  • what is Lean Six Sigma,
  • what is good for, and
  • why it is worth studying it!

As every good starter, this course is light and easy to digest. Unlike other courses, that focus only on math and statistical theory, this course will teach you what you really need when being in charge of big improvement projects: practical tools and examples of how to use them.

There’s no prior knowledge necessary. You’ll get everything you need in this course.

Together, we’ll learn what Lean and 6 Sigma are and how they work together. We’ll learn the most important tools and how to use them in each phase of an improvement project.

At the end of the course, you’ll receive your LSS White Belt Certificate, that will be an effective career booster.

So, make sure to stick through and you’ll be rewarded with great job opportunities! Let’s start immediately with our first lecture where we’ll learn the basics of LSS and how much money LSS expert makes on average.

See you in the course!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is made for beginners who are not familiar with Six Sigma
  • Students or professionals who want to improve their job chances and/or salary with a LSS WB certificate

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