Social Media Brand Communication Design Master Class TM

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With A Case Study and Case Method


About the Master Class:

This project deals mainly with brand design study and how to brand design in social media platforms. Many aspects like and media different channels to broadcast our product have been discussed. Also if you are making our imaginary brand how do we visualise the brand and then how do we branded in social media using the principles that are being learnt from the course and then applied in real time. One can understand from the end to end how a brand is visualised, conceptualised and then propagated in media to get maximum traction and increase the brand value at the same time.

Benefits of the Master Class:

  1. Making our own imaginary brand from scratch to end and visualising and conceptualising one can learn about the strategies of making it.
  2. This brand is about trust which gives a bigger power to people to choose their own freedom of information to make it as a news in the public media, so the stakeholders the project media and which could it could be published and targeted population segmentation every thing was laid out in different compare to other products and then listed case by case.
  3. Who does not know much about social media branding and what the aspects and media is working and how should be leveraged to our advantage? Can you learn best from this course by studying different aspects of brand communication using elements like market mixing segmentation targeting, choosing broadcast channels and then communicating it effectively.
  4. How to create an application and also study its user interface in order to make it suitable for the concepts of what we are thinking.
  5. Analysing the study of various graphic design aspect from space management, grid alignment, choosing of typefaces, choosing of colours and creating characters along with that learning certain laws like
    1. Gestalt law of psychology,
    2. Heuristics principles of Jakob Nielsen.
  6. How to choose your broadcasting partners and channels wisely in order to promote your products in social media communication.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Social Media Brand Communication Design
  • Anyone who wants konw social media branding
  • Anyone who wants end to end social media branding

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