Spoken Hindi – Learn to Speak Hindi from Scratch

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Hindi Language is one of the most popular languages of India


In this course you will learn

1. How to Form proper sentences using grammar

2. How to male your own sentences

3. the basic words in Hindi Language

4. Different types of sentence patterns

5. How to talk to anyone fluently

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People who are interested in learning new language can enroll for the course . This course starts with basics of how to pronounce words , all the basic words used in daily life is covered in the beginning of the course . Later grammar is involved where formation of sentences , different ways of speaking is been thought .

Hindi Learning from Scratch has been explained in this so that you do not have any doubts in pronunciation .

Hindi is the national language of India; but, it is one of several languages spoken in different parts of the sub-continent. ‘National’ should be understood as meaning the ‘official’ or ‘link’ language. The homeland of Hindi is in the North of India, but it is studied, taught, spoken and understood widely throughout the sub-continent, whether as mother tongue or as a second or a third language.

Hindi has a special relationship with Urdu: their grammar is virtually identical, and they have a substantial vocabulary in common. However, the two languages part company at a higher level, because Urdu draws the bulk of its vocabulary from Persian and Arabic, while Hindi draws much of its vocabulary from Sanskrit. Besides, Hindi is written in Devnagari script, while Urdu is written in a modified form of the Arabic script.

Without grammar a language cannot be learnt , so grammar is also added in the course .

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to explore Hindi language are most welcome !

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