Statistical DownScaling Model (SDSM) Data Analysis Course

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Analysis of Statistical Downscaling Model (SDSM) projected future rainfall, Temperature, humidity, etc, of the world.


In this course, you will learn Statistical DownScaling Model (SDSM) software. In this modern world as a researcher, we design analysis and explore climate by using software to enhance the best quality analysis. Because of accurate results and analysis by Statistical DownScaling Model (SDSM) software, we are able taking decisions properly to predict the climatic change of the world of different parts.

To enhance the proper analysis of rainfall, temperature, humidity, etc, of the different parts of the world, this Statistical DownScaling Model (SDSM) climatic Data Analysis Course will help you perfectly with proper guidelines.

With my professional experience, I have created this course with a proper sequence of steps of topics so that you can understand and learn the proper way. Although the course is focused on Statistical DownScaling Model (SDSM), the climatic concepts and steps are used with references to parameters of different climatic data. The course focuses on the analysis and knowledge utilized on a professional level worldwide.

After completing this course you will get the following outcomes:

  • Will be able to process data perfectly.
  • Will be able to use SDSM Software confidently.
  • Will be able to analyze rainfall data.
  • Will be able to analyze temperature data.
  • Will be able to analyze humidity data.
  • Will be able to analyze streamflow data.
  • Will be able to take the critical decision on climate change.
  • And Many more…

Who this course is for:

  • Researcher on Climate
  • Graduate Researcher on Climate
  • Undergraduate Researcher on Climate
  • Thesis Worker on Climate
  • Project Worker on Climate
  • PhD Researcher on Climate

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