Recruitment-A Complete Guide to start your career in HR

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A guide to getting started in recruitment and landing your first freelancer project.


Those who wish to pursue a career in recruitment but are not sure how to get started will find this course to be very valuable.

By completing this course, you will able to learn why recruitment is a good career and how you can start a career in recruitment and earn lakhs of rupees per month.

Topics Covered

Module-1: Introduction to recruitment

Module 2: What is Recruitment

What is the recruitment life cycle?

How much you will earn if you choose to be a recruiter.

Find out how much top recruiters earn at top companies.

Module 3: How to start your career in recruitment.

How to find freelancer recruitment projects.

How to identify required skills in the Job description

Difference between “good to have” and “must to have” skills.

What is sourcing.

Types of sourcing.

what are the platforms which you can use for sourcing candidates.

Module 4: Sourcing Methods and tricks

What are the free tools which can be used in sourcing.

How to use LinkedIn for sourcing.

How to find recruiters of TOP Product based companies.

How to reach candidates using LinkedIn.

What to write any candidate for initial reach.

How and where to post jobs for free.

How to verify candidates’ skills on LinkedIn.

What is boolean logic.

Examples of boolean logic.

How boolean string works.

How to create a boolean string.

What is an x-ray search?

How to use x-ray search on LinkedIn to find candidates.

Who this course is for: Professionals/students who wish to begin a career in “Recruitment”.

Who this course is for:

  • Any Graduate who wants to start their career in recruitment

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