Stock Market Predictions

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How to make stock market predictions for yourself with the super-simple system proven since 1982 to get it right


New, constantly updated, and supported by a free live commentary.

You won’t simply be able to make stock predictions from this; you’ll also ensure your trades are properly aligned with the market at any given time and beat the investment professionals spending no less than ten minutes a week on this system.

Let’s begin with a proven FACT: based on empirical data gathered since 1963, over 70% of investment professionals do no better than the S+P 500.

Those same investment professionals will tell you “nobody can time the market.” This is what now passes for conventional “wisdom.”

I’m here to prove to you that they’re plain WRONG…

And I’ll do that by showing you my proprietary system that’s been proven to successfully predict bull and bear markets since 1982 (as far back as my charting software goes) and make five times what the “experts” do, on average.

You don’t need any experience, I will walk you through the simple process that involves reading a basic chart. We will not be analyzing the economic data or what The Fed says or doesn’t say because all that is reflected in the chart.

And that chart never lies.

We will just check it once a week, and then make an average of trading 0.6 times a year using a single stock.

Taught by a CPD accredited instructor with over twenty years trading experience including founding several proven and proprietary systems. Award-winning and bestselling author, speaker, and coach.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone who wants a super-simple way to retire five times faster than your investment manager is telling you (typically, you’re told to plan on 5% a year return) and without their fees.

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