Super Simple Technical Screening questions for IT Recruiters

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Qualify IT candidates with conversational ease


IT Recruiters have a challenging job and screening talent is near the top of the list. You want to have confidence before making the submittal and you don’t have an endless amount of time to qualify them. That is exactly why we put together this course and we are making it free. We think it is THAT important that recruiters are armed with questions that force the candidate to validate their technical knowledge.

We want to level the playing field for IT Recruiters as you engage with technical audiences, especially candidates. Recruiters always struggle to know ‘what questions can I ask candidates?’, and among the challenges are how do you ask a technical question and know what to expect in an answer. You are not an engineer, but don’t need to be if you have the right information.

We have put together a batch of questions you can ask IT candidates that come with an explanation of what the question means, what to look for in a good answer, what red flags are out there. These are questions I have used for decades during my consulting days, so they are proven, rock-solid barometers on whether your candidate knows these topics.

They are not questions that force the candidate to recall some elusive nugget of knowledge they haven’t pondered since their second semester as a CS student. These are foundational questions of how things work and the answers require candidates to relate them in a narrative that has some depth and substance. We tell you of signs that indicate a good answer and warn you of elements that reflect a huge red flag.

If you have ever wished you had one or more questions you can ask a candidate to give you bedrock confidence that your candidate is not going to get torched in a manager phone screen, your wait is over. We have made this course free because we want to show our style in articulating advanced technical concepts. We are going to be deploying a series of classes that break down technical concepts across subjects like Application Architecture, Networking, Databases, QA, DevOps, The Cloud, REST & Web Services, Big Data, Internet of Things and Cybersecurity and we want to become your go-to resource.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed to help IT Recruiters engage in spontaneous, conversational technical qualification calls with IT candidates. We provide questions on fairly horizontal topics and lay out the type of answers you should expect to hear from candidates. We also call out items that are HUGE red flags so you can have exponentially more confidence in your submittals and avoid the ones involving candidates with good “paper” who get flamed by angry hiring managers.

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