Time Management

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Stress free approach to achieve goals


Time management ensures success, satisfaction and clutter free life.

Intention of the course is to equip learners with powerful tools to manage time.

The tools and techniques listed might look easy at a glance, however, it`s important to go through the complete video. Same will provide the learners with real world application of the concepts.

The course provides strategies to

-Manage time

-Goal Setting

-Ensure focus

Health care related examples are used to provide clarity of concepts, however, the techniques are applicable to all professionals of different industries. The learning also has strong application in personal life scenarios

Do listen carefully when the examples are discussed. An ideal learner of the course should try to associate the learning with his/her own life and profession

Content includes 6 video lessons & 6 Quiz assessments to reinstate the learning.

Subtitles/ captions have been embed in the video to increase the comprehension

Here is a sneak peak in the content:

-Time perception and value

-Identifying the Time Wasters

-The First Rule and Goal Setting

-Deadlines, Delegation and Prioritization

-Stephen Covey`s Time Management Matrix

-Super tips to manage time and avoid stress

On completion of the course the learner will be able to answer questions like:

What are the typical time wasters?

What is the strategy to accomplish goals?

How to deal with distractions?

Strategy to deal with the “BIG ROCKS” in life?

How to have a stress free and productive day?

The learner will also gain insights into the below strategies:

-The Urgent Important Matrix

-Impact and importance of saying NO

-SMART Goal Setting technique

Who this course is for:

  • Professionals and students who wish to improve their time management

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