UI/UX Smart Waste Management Master Class TM

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With A Case Study and Case Method


About the Master Class:
This is the real time project we did with a bigger community called Mönchengladbach located in the central part of Germany. Where this involves a typical user study finding problems ideation conceptualising prototyping and physical product making in the final stages to get into production. This course will largely talk about the collaborations which we made with multiple stakeholders including the community people, the German government, the design institute and then Army school from Munich who was helping us in this project. Collaboration, co-creation and finding suitable solutions for the current context is the need of the hour and it’s mainly taught through a real-time example of a project.

Benefits of the Master Class:

  1. You will get a complete perspective of the design process which is followed in the industry which comprises of Research, ideation, prototyping and testing, I have taken all the nuances in detail about how to carry out the process step by step and also you can hear my practical experiences about it
  2. I have also taught the importance of UIUX Field and how to start approaching problem solving techniques using that, also how these skills will be helpful for getting selected as UIUX Designer for any corporates or start ups.
  3. Also this course has live examples of explanation of Experience outcomes which is very vital and essential for building any UI screen and creating experiences.
  4. Primitive aesthetics law of psychology which is Gestaltlaw of psychology is also explained step by step for the students to understand with the pictures in simple terms
  5. Breakdown of each screen of my final solution that I implemented as a solution has been discussed. And this will given them idea about
    1. A. How to choose colours
    2. B. How to play with grid elements when it comes to communicating clearly and meaningfully
    3. C. How to resolves issues when it comes to space management
    4. D. How to give certain visual icons and simple semiotics language where all people can understand
    5. E. Also how to choose typeface to create legibility and clarity of the content viewing
  6. When it comes to systematic design, how to think in terms of the whole system and make use of the UI UX outcomes as a research input for you, and how to make a complete solution with the help of research ideas converting into a final prototype and solution.
  7. Explained and showed about the low fidelity wireframe and high fidelity wireframe for prototyping in the UI/UI design process.
  8. How to document the whole UIUX process in the form of a poster for easier understanding, as this is one of the important skills you have to learn for designing your portfolios or posters for your team presentation.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants have UIUX Skills
  • Anyone who wants to learn design skills
  • Anyone who wants get world class projects in UIUX Design

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