USMLE Preparation, Exam Tips, and Study Plans (2022 Updated)

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Your Ultimate Guide to Residency in The United States – Everything You Need to Know


To get a residency in the United States you’ll have to pass the Step exams and finish some paperwork. Those are the official requirements, but hidden between the lines are a lot of ‘unofficial’ requirements, such as getting a U.S. clinical experience, having publications, and signing Letters of Recommendation.

Securing those ‘hidden’ requirements can be challenging for IMGs, and that’s why we have this course. It’ll teach you the simplest and cheapest way of securing them.

To tackle the fear of the exam itself, we’ll go through what you’ll see in the exam day. This will help you simulate the exam environment at home and be comfortable with it.

After we have explained all the step components and their requirements (official and ‘hidden’), we’ll go through the application process for the MATCH. Which can be tricky, since you have to obtain an ERAS token first. Of course, we’ll explain that in details too.

Finally, we’ll finish our journey with price-breakdown, as we list the fees of exams, paperwork, the MATCH, and everything else…

Ideally you need to watch this course before you have applied for an ERAS token, but you can still benefit from it if you have already applied for ERAS.

Make sure you have your coffee doc, and good luck!

Who this course is for:

  • International Medical Graduates (IMGs or FMGs) seeking U.S. Residency

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