What is Apex Trigger in Salesforce?

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Where and why to use the triggers?


This course will guide you through the use cases of salesforce apex triggers. There will be approximately 20 use cases and solutions. At the end of the course, the course and code files will be uploaded. The first lecture of the course contains the definition of Salesforce Trigger and one use case. The rest of the lectures will be dealing with specifically one issue at a time. Every lecture has different slides and the issue descriptions. The key features of this course are no cost and breakdown of each problems into understandable units. It will make the salesforce apex triggers practice way more easier.

There are many social sites and learning platforms for salesforce. One of them is trailhead and which is robust platform to gain knowledge. The goal of this course is to expand the knowledge of all accumulated knowledge and implement that to resolve the real time world. Every consulting firms or end clients looks for the resource who can understand their business requirements and design and deliver a robust solution to get the issue done. This course intends you to understand the best practices of salesforce triggers. So, this course will tell you how to align with the requirements and hit the issue with the appropriate solution.

Who this course is for:

  • Salesforce Beginners to advance developers

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