Youtube Thumbnail Design: FAST Beginner Thumbnails for 2023

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Use this Fast Youtube Thumbnail Design course to attract millions of views through great eye-catching thumbnail designs


I can guess you’re trying to grow your YouTube channel, and you’ve thought maybe learning about thumbnail design would be nice, right?

Well, you are right.

Thumbnails are actually the second most important aspect about attracting viewers on YouTube.

(The first one is your title, as it lets you rank in search results)

You’ve probably heard “Don’t judge a book by its cover”,

well, that simply doesn’t apply to social medias at all.

You can try asking yourself why is that, but you probably already know the answer.

The Thumbnail has to be nice, otherwise you’re loosing on massive viewer masses. Simple, right?

And that’s where I come. I have decided to take my experience and compact it into a FAST course so that

you take the information you need.

I know how your time is valuable, I am by myself a YouTuber and I can feel your frustration when a simple task becomes hours of research.

This is why my course is faster than the other ones, here you simply get the actual juice concentration instead of the water mix:

  • Learn positioning of main elements
  • Learn The Best Effects to make main elements stand off
  • The Use of Strokes to difference your image from your competitors
  • Tips on Color Management to end with stunning results

When you’re ready, enroll now and let’s work on upgrading your Youtube Thumbnails together.

(We will practice several Youtube Thumbnails aswell as an Instagram Post)

Who this course is for:

  • New Youtubers looking to drive more clicks
  • Beginner Thumbnail designers

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